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About Us

Welcome to &, your number one source for quality 'retail threadapy'. At threadapy we are completely dedicated to giving you the very best in high quality women's seasonal clothing.

We also want to ensure you feel safe enough to put your complete trust in us when buying, so we therefore place a strong & distinct focus on developing: 

1) Great Trust and Dependability in our service, 

2) The Highest Levels of Customer Care, and,

3) High Quality and Unique Look in the items we offer.

Rebranded and completely overhauled in 2017 to focus our efforts completely upon you, Threadapy as a dedicated ecommerce business has developed & reinvented substantially  since that first sale. When we started the adventure, we created the shop because we found time & again the same bland clothing designs were churned out annually by the mega retailers. They were mass manufactured & available universally, cheaply made & they had nothing about them that really grabbed our attention. Often there was also the usual ridiculously cheap (or expensive) price tag attached, & the items were usually stocked sky high like you'd find in 'pile em high, sell em cheap' markets.

So with complete customer focus in mind, we decided to conduct our very own market research with due care & lots of diligence - to find out what was out there, availability, what would the customer really like & want, & how best could we present these products? - to you the customer! Hence, Threadapy was born & your purchasing experience & satisfaction became our raison d'etre. We've tried to set up the online experience in a very particular way to facilitate customer ease & experience, but also so that we can offer a customer service that caters individually to you! We're now at the point where we're very fortunate in that we get to serve our customers all over the globe, & we are always thrilled to sell you the most exclusive high quality items we can offer.

We hope you enjoy both browsing & buying our selected products just as much as we enjoy offering them to you, but if not we will of course do everything possible to make things just right. If you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we always enjoy communicating with our customers & we want to ensure you are completely happy from the very beginning of the purchasing journey to long after the sale!

So without further ado...go get yourself a little retail threadapy now!


Founder of Threadapy 


Contact Address - Please contact with any questions, concerns or comments & you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for contact numbers and business addresses.

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