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Wearing your hoodie the right way!

Unsure what you should wear if you buy our hoodie? Well, this is now a bit of a 'new-old classic' and you'd be missing out if it's not part of your standard wardrobe ensemble. We have some great ideas that could give you that stylish, or that gritty look!

The hoodie is my all time favourite- so much so that I decided to sell them! It works in any climate but when needed it can be layered up and hooded with a scarf for extra warmth when it gets particularly chilly. But what to wear with it, well that will depend on the season and how warm you want to feel. The added extras that you add to your hoodie can change your look entirely, from a grungy, gritty hip hop look to a classic afternoon 'blazered up' vibe! We're going to give you some tips in this blog on how can add that favourite hoodie to alsmost anything and still look cool and edgy.

Various style of hoodie are available for both men and women if you look around hard enough. Some will work differently with different items, for instance as in the example above, a blazer over a hoodie would almost always mean using a plain mono colour. The effect of the hoodie will bring the blazer down to a more casual level, and would look great with a pair of jeans and training shoes.

A lot of people are unsure how to dress up (or dress down) their hoodie and usually just wear it as the sole upper body item. But a hoodie is a very versatile piece of clothing and it comes in so many diverse styles that it should be an easy afternoon staple.

The hoodie can be bought with a zip fastener when you want that more fitted look and a tidier feel. Because the zip can be pulled up to any point , you could easily layer it up with anything that you want showing through the middle (if you have it totally unzipped), or you tee can be just peeking out out the top of the zip!

The hoodie also comes in the more traditional pullover style which generally has drawstrings and a baggier, looser look. This works best when you want to show off that easy, down with it vibe, but at the same time you want to be noticed for your individual style.

What Should I match it with?
The denim jacket has been a wardrobe mainstay since the dawn of time (proverbially) and is a regular accessory to this day, and it regularly makes comebacks into the limelight on the fashion walks! Denim is such a hardwearing, durable material that it'll add an extra warmth while you're pulling off that gritty 'down with it' look. Just try to remember to make the jacket the primary attention grabber - it's a bit like a blazer, such a noticeable item that you should have a mono colour hoodie that complements the jacket rather than clash with it. Our advice is dress to the hoodie and jacket down with an easy pair of jeans, paired with trainers or quality boots; then you won't have too much going on and each item will perfectly match for that cool, trendy look in the afternoon or evening.

The bomber style jacket has a lightweight, sleek look and has been doing the rounds for ages too. Matched with your favourite hoodie, it's durable, warm (without being overbearing) and can be easily dressed up or down. You can multi-layer with the bomber or zip it up so just the hood is sticking out for an urban look. Just be careful not to layer it up too much, you may end up not wearing it at all because you're too hot, or it could look bulky if it has a tighter fit. You can wear just about any colour or style with the jacket, as because it is relatively thin and plain, a contrast won't be too harsh and you'll just look uniquley styled.

Leather! Want to have that gritty biker look or would you prefer casual smart? Then the leather jacket accessory will be perfectly matched with your hoodie. Try to keep a dark leather with a monotone dark style hoodie as the colour clash could end up looking tacky and unkempt (although white hoodies go with any colour!). The leather jacket is preferable when you want an easy going casual look, great for an afternoon in the pub or a walk in the park!

The trendy blazer look! Dress up your hoodie with a nice blazer for an ultra chic urban style that shows you know how to dress smart yet keep it cool. Best advice is to keep the hoodie one colour and not too far a shade from the blazer itself (unless it's black or white!). This look can work well anywhere, whether you want to look a little more uppercut at the country club with trousers/slacks and shoes, or super casual with your trusty jeans and trainers. You can just go with the flow with this look and you'll never feel out of place.

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